19 feb. 2016

15 feb. 2016

::: KraveInc- R.y.H.o Fashion Fair :::

KraveInc- R.y.H.o Fashion Fair - Feb 14th - 28th Flyer 
February 14 - 28, 2016

EXCLUSIVE NEW! *P* Goth Cross Mesh Bracelets ~Plaids HUD~ 
Special price 50% OFF! $60L


$1L GIFT!!!
GIFT!!! *P* MESH Knuckle Purse ~Skulls~

40 Designers with 1 exclusive release & several gachas around!

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14 feb. 2016

::: FLOWER POWER 2016 :::

February 12 -  26, 2016
What do you say about cheering up your style with flowers, flowers and more flowers? 
Hibiscus, daisies, roses or gerberas, it does not matter which one is your favorite flower. 
What matters is that you should dress with them from head to toe.

Originally, Flower Power was a slogan used by 60/70’s hippies as a symbol of non-violence. 
But for us, on this event it is a symbol that announces the spring coming on the world of fashion.

And for this reason, the order of the day is to use flower-themes from head to toe!
The idea is to use the irreverence and freedom of the 70s, the happiness of the colors and the delicacy of flowers as inspiration and to show that this theme is here to stay!

 This event has been held in a land designed especially to offer our designers, clients and visitors a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere.  We really hope everyone enjoyed.

FLOWER POWER 2016 EXCLISIVE! *P* Tania Mesh Necklace ~12 Stones~ 

FLOWER POWER 2016 GIFT! *P* Shine my Love Mesh Sunglasses ~Hot Pink~

Plus a sim full of stores with unless one exclusive design!

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12 feb. 2016

::: $55L - $60L WEEKEND SALES!!! :::

Fifty5 Thursdays
'til Feb 17!

[$55L OFFER!] *P* Keep My Secrets Mesh Set [$55L OFFER!] *P* Keep my secrets Belly Piercing (P-MESH)
$55L OFFERS!!!
Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
Also on Marketplace!
*P* Keep My Secrets Mesh Set  >  *touch here*
*P* Keep my secrets Belly Piercing (p-mesh)  >  *touch here*
My 60L Secret
'til Feb 17
[$60L OFFER!] *P* Iadara MESH Silver Jewelry Set ~Blue Pearl~ [$60L OFFER!] *P* Zoe MESH Pants ~Black, Blue Camo, Pink Plaid, Wasted Black~
$60L OFFERS!!!

Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
Also on Marketplace!
*P* Iadara MESH Silver Jewelry Set ~Blue Pearl~  >  *touch here*
*P* Zoe MESH Pants ~v1 Pack~  >  *touch here*


9 feb. 2016

::: Thrift Shop 12.0 - Love & Hate Edition :::

February 7 – 28, 2016

This round of Thrift Shop is a SPECIAL Love or Hate Edition! All items in this round should be themed around those pesky emotions everyone is raving about this time of year – especially the NEW RELEASES!
The Thrift Shop is a FULL Sim Sales event hosted by Depraved Nation. Participating Designers place their products at the event for sale to consumers at a price reduced by 50% of its’ normal selling price. The Thrift Shop offers shoppers a large variety of items all in one place. In addition to having everything marked down by 50%, each participating store will be providing a new release that will also be marked down by 50%! Did I mention the TONS of Gachas available to play at the event?  Stop by and check out the great deals 


EXCLUSIVE NEW! 50% OFF @ Thrift Shop 12.0 *P* Lara Mesh Dagger Gaters ~12 Satin Text HUD ~
50% OFF!!!  >>>  $95L!!!


EXCLUSIVE NEW! 50% OFF @ Thrift Shop 12.0 *P* Brandy Heart Lock Mesh Necklaces
50% OFF!!!  >>>  $60L!!!


EXCLUSIVE NEW GIFT! @ Thrift Shop 12.0 *P* Brandy Key Mesh Necklaces

Plus more designs, all with 50% disscount & 2 gachas!

3 feb. 2016

NEW GIFT!!! @ Jack or Jill Hunt 5.0

Jack or  Jill  Hunt
Feb 1 - Feb 29
Jack or Jill 5.0 Hunt
Jack or Jill is a split path hunt that will send hunters down 2 paths, one for males and one for females. Designers on each path will offer gender appropriate gifts to hunters who find the designated hunt object in their store. Please check back for a complete list of participating Designers and a photo gallery showing each brands prize for the hunt!  You are welcome to join the Depraved Events group in world for information and help along the way!  This is a FREE hunt!!!

My store is on Female Path N.38
& this is my gift
Jack or Jill 5.0 Gift!!! *P* Tania Mesh Necklace ~Colors~

Hint > 'I'm lazy' 
    * hint & hunt item location in my store may change (check hint giver at my mainstore or blog)

     Stores list
     > http://depravednation.com/archives/event/jack-or-jill-5-0                        
    Stores gift pics
     > http://depravednation.com/archives/10586#/62